Summer Camp Doral

Summer Camp Doral

 Summer Great 

My son loved going for Summer Camp last year at The Art Shack and is very much looking forward to going back this summer.

They are all very helpful and allow kids to be creative and explore.
The best place for kids to enjoy their time while learning. Highly Recommended!

                                                                             Maria Alejandra Pulgar


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Spring Break Animation Camp


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After Easter Camp Week 


Creativity Art Show


Teacher Planning Day 


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A+!!!!!The Art Shack is an excellent art school for children to learn and discover different types of art styles. The teachers are very caring and nurturing. Very educational and creative projects. Encourages kids to use their imagination and explore art. Their Art Show was excellent, displaying the students accomplishments. Love the day camp & summer programs.! Great art program! Highly recommend!! My daughters (4 & 7) love it here!!!

Tony B.

Magally G.

 I most definitely recommend the Art Shack...

Laura, Paula and the rest of the Art Shack staff have really helped me prepare my portfolio for Art-Magnet High Schools. I most definitely recommend the Art Shack of Doral to anyone who wants help developing their sketchbook and portfolio. Thanks for everything, Tony


"The Art Shack.....I congratulate you for the wonderful work you do with all your´s amazing how much patience you have with all the´s also great to see how you guys are dedicated to your students so that they can develop their talent....your team has a high level of discipline and demand that makes all the kids love and respect you.....YOU GUYS ARE TRULY PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!!!!!"

Have an interest in Photography, Comic & Cartoon, Exploring with your Toddler, Homeschoolers Group and After School at the Art Shack   Click below to find out more info on each class. 

We create and learn about different fun ways to animate. Kids are separated into groups to create funfilled animations with paper, plasticine, and other fun item.  Animations are edited, music is added, and then they are shared on our YouTube Channel: The Art Shack Miami

We have art classes for kids, teens and adults. open or semi open ended activities. We also offer artist portfolio for potential Art Magnet students, as well as special classes such as  photography and comic/cartoon class 

Creativity Art Show

April 29th, 2018

Morgan Levy Park, Doral, Fl. 11:30 am to 3:30 pm 

special classes

Spring Break Animation Camp

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