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We believe

We Offer 

Different kinds of creative classes with student focused teachers

Bilingual 1 to 2.5 hour long classes to allow time for creative thinking.

One teacher every 5 students in our children’s art classes

Many different times & dates to accommodate everyone.

Classes for every age including adults, children, teens and toddlers 2 and up.

We teach to think outside the box.

Everyone is creative. Nurturing creativity is our #1 priority

There are many ways to create, not just in art but in science too

Respect for individual differences is essential

Thinking creatively helps in problem solving in every aspect of life

When the student is excited by the project techniques will be easier to learn 

Art Classes Available: We have art classes for kids, toddlers, teens and adults as well as special classes such as, photography, comic and cartoon, Homeschooler's Group, Explore with your Toddler, Afterschool at the Art Shack and artist portfolio prep

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