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Materials for In-Person Classes:

Students working with any media other than ceramic clay will need to have their own materials as recommended by the teacher, depending on the types of projects they intend to do. This applies to painting, drawing, mixed media, etc. Please consult with your teacher during the first class. If you would prefer to have a standard list of materials for your area of interest, please send us an email at info@theartshackmiam.icom, and we will provide you with a list.

Students doing sculpture or pottery with ceramic clay will be required to pay a fee per project that will cover clay, use of tools, hollowing, bisque firing, and glaze firing. Glazes or any other surface treatment materials are not provided and must be purchased by the student, depending on the recommendation made by the teacher. Fees vary depending on the size and complexity of the work and will be calculated upon completion. The fee will be due before the work can be taken home. 


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A monthly commitment of at least one weekly class is required.  An average month has 4 classes, but some will have 5 or 3 depending on the calendar and/or holidays. Some students choose to take more than one class a week. Inquire about possible discounts available. 
We recommend "Set it and forget it recurring payments": students that opt for this option have their spot guaranteed and do not have to register month after month.
Registration fee: $100  per year of uninterrupted classes. Registration Fee is Non-refundable. 
Makeup classes: we are able to offer only one (1) makeup class a month per participant. Makeup classes can be suspended if there is no availability in other slots. There will be no refund for classes not taken. 
Makeup classes are NOT available for online classes, only for in-person classes.

Painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture. An open studio atmosphere to relax and create. Each student is working on their media of choice and exploring their own ideas. The teachers guide and inspire, informing the student with techniques and motivating them through dialogue and development of concepts.

  • Classes meet once a week for two and a half hours. 
  • Some participants take 2 weekly classes. Please inquire via email, call, or text about possible available discounts. 

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