Winter Break Camp

We offer 2 mini camps during winter break. Children from ages 5 to 12 are welcome to create through activities that our campers love. ​With a focus on creative thinking and exploration children make art and objects they love. Our camp is highly personalized, with only 16 spots available.

After Easter Camp for religious schools

The Art Shack will be having an After Easter Camp for those schools that are closed After Easter. Children of different ages are welcome to create art projects that are unique to each child. All sorts of materials are available for sculpture, painting, ceramics, mixed media, drawing, installations, group, and individual works.

Spring BReak Camp: ANIMATION

Children and Teens of similar ages create animations in small groups using Stop motion animation techniques using ipads and/or iphones to record their creative stories. The animations are edited then placed on YouTube on our channel: The Art Shack Miami


Creativity summer camp

The best place for your child to have a fun filled summer, exploring different themes and issues through art as well as STEAM in our MakeSpace program. All creations go home every week. All sorts of media and materials are involved, from paint to electrical circuits, the experiences are endless! Organized to fit flexible vacation schedules with high quality, personalized attention, and focus on the creative process you have grown to expect from us...

teacher planning day camp

Children and Teens of similar ages create, motivated by open or semi open ended activities. All sorts of materials are used for sculpture, painting, ceramics, mixed media, drawing, installations, group and individual works.