1.5 hour Session:

  • 2 members: $35
  • 3 members: $50
  • 4 members: $65
  • more family members working together? No problem. Call us!

All materials included.

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Family Class


No matter the age or skill level, we can all create. The Art Shack offers Family Classes where 2 or more family members can create together.

Sign up for as many individual classes as you like. Each experience will be unique. 

  • Ideal for Parents with Toddlers: 2 and 3-year-olds. Each class the teacher will show you different projects you can replicate at home while learning how to stimulate creativity without imposing adult standards.
  • Choose a day to come with your son or daughter and enjoy special bonding time.
  • Make it a tradition to create together for holidays such as Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays. 
  • Gift a Family Class to visiting family.
  • Bring your loved ones for a special weekend activity away from the heat.
  • Give yourself and your children a break from homework and chores.
  • Each time you will be creating an amazing keepsake!

A teacher will help you choose the medium or project, and will guide you to create together.

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