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IN-Person or Virtual

School Year​ -  Fall 2020:   ​A monthly commitment of one weekly 2.5-hour class is required. An average month has 4 classes, but some will have 5 or 3 depending on the calendar and/or holidays. The price for a regular 4 class month is $200. The cost of months with more or fewer classes will be prorated (please inquire with administration).

​Material fee only for  In-person Class: $57 covers materials until the end of 2020 for in-person classes
Materials are provided depending on the project. Students must have a sketchbook and use all art materials they already have and feel comfortable with. 

Students taking virtual classes need to have their own materials.

Makeup classes: Due to social distancing rules we are forced to have fewer students per class, which makes it impossible to offer makeup classes.

This course is oriented toward developing or enhancing a portfolio of works that may or may not be used to apply to art school at the middle school, high school and college levels. 


Focus Studio

Skills to be Unlocked:  

  • Still Life study
  • Figure Drawing
  • Self portraiture
  • Familiarity with different Mediums
  • Sketchbook Development
  • Developing concepts

Focus Studio is a class for preteens and teens that are committed to art on a long-term basis. We develop a foundation of observational drawing in order to use as a tool to create concepts and artworks that are thought provoking and well designed. The class is meant to allow students an ability to explore media and ideas in their sketchbook.