IN-Person or Virtual

School Year​ -  Fall 2020:   ​A monthly commitment of one weekly 2.5-hour class is required. An average month has 4 classes, but some will have 5 or 3 depending on the calendar and/or holidays. The price for a regular 4 class month is $200. The cost of months with more or fewer classes will be prorated (please inquire with administration).

​Registration fee: $57 per session (Sessions are Fall, Spring, and Summer)
Students must have a sketchbook and use all art materials they already have and feel comfortable with. We will provide materials for experimentation, but strongly recommend students purchase their own materials as they learn to use them.

Students taking virtual classes need to have their own materials.

Makeup classes: Due to social distancing rules we are forced to have fewer students per class, which makes it impossible to offer makeup classes.

Skills to be Unlocked:  

  • Still Life study
  • Figure Drawing
  • Self portraiture
  • Familiarity with different Mediums
  • Sketchbook Development
  • Developing concepts

Focus Studio is a class for preteens and teens that are committed to art on a long-term basis. We develop a foundation of observational drawing in order to use as a tool to create concepts and artworks that are thought provoking and well designed. The class is meant to allow students an ability to explore media and ideas in their sketchbook.


This course is oriented toward developing or enhancing a portfolio of works that may or may not be used to apply to art school at the middle school, high school and college levels. 


Focus Studio

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