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Join our weekly, in-person multi-age group. Designed with homeschooling families in mind, this interactive class encourages experimentation through project-based learning.

Motivated by their ideas and interests, the children create using varied materials and methods in Art and STEAM. Nurtured by our team of trained teachers, they make individual or collaborative work at their own pace. Drawing, painting, mixed media, building, sculpting, cartooning, designing, and more are offered in a safe space. They'll be inspired, make friends, and have fun while exploring and making their projects come alive.

Each class is 1.5 hours long to allow for creative problem-solving. Classes are similar to our MultiArt for Children and Teen Creative Studio.

Some of our homeschooled students, especially the teenagers, prefer to come to PM classes to socialize with others, as well as to the Cartoon and Comic classes. 

HomeSchool Enrichment

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  • Semester: this is the BEST OPTION! You'll get a discounted price, the option to pay in full, or choose a payment plan. 
  • Class Pack: we offer a Flex pack of 5 classes at the standard pricing. You can access "Class Pack" by clicking on Drop-In
  • Drop-In: ideal for visiting students.

For *Sibling Discount, please call or text (SMS) 786-664-8893. We are working to add the discount directly to the registration system. 
*Sibling Discount will only apply if the siblings are registering for classes of the same price.

All you need is included in the in-person classes. Please remember to pay the Registration Fee of $100 per year of uninterrupted classes. Registration Fee is Non-refundable. If you have paid already, you can go ahead and schedule.
If you are unable to find the class you are looking for, please contact us or call or text (SMS) 786-664-8893.

Makeup classes: we are able to offer one (1) makeup class a month per participant. Makeup classes can be suspended if there is no availability in other slots. There will be no refund for classes not taken. 
Makeup classes are NOT available for online classes, only for in-person classes