Art + Design + Fabrication: making things that work!

Are your children ready?

Creativity & Innovation are two of the most important skills to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our MakeSpace program stimulates the development of these skills through the design and making of objects that work.

In this process knowledge related to mechanics, aerodynamics, electricity and other simple technologies are acquired.

Visit us to see what it's all about! Kids & their families WELCOME!

Prices & PolicY for Makespace


Classes are offered once a week for 1.5 hours.  Participants need to be 8 or older.

The participants are guided by an experienced teacher. Creative problem solving is encouraged, providing just-in-time knowledge for the participants to learn what they need to build and create different projects that work. Collaboration in group projects is also key to stimulate innovation.

Some of the areas explored include:

Aerodynamics, Electricity, Mechanics, Wind Power, Chain Reactions, Sustainability, Use of Light, Bio creations and more.

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  • Semester: this is the BEST OPTION! You'll get a discounted price, the option to pay in full, or choose a payment plan. 
  • Class Pack: we offer a Flex pack of 5 classes at the standard pricing. You can access "Class Pack" by clicking on Drop-In
  • Drop-In: ideal for visiting students.

For *Sibling Discount, please call or text (SMS) 786-664-8893. We are working to add the discount directly to the registration system. 
*Sibling Discount will only apply if the siblings are registering for classes of the same price.

All you need is included in the in-person classes. Please remember to pay the Registration Fee of $100 per year of uninterrupted classes. Registration Fee is Non-refundable. If you have paid already, you can go ahead and schedule.
If you are unable to find the class you are looking for, please contact us or call or text (SMS) 786-664-8893.

Makeup classes: we are able to offer only one (1) makeup class a month per participant. Makeup classes can be suspended if there is no availability in other slots. There will be no refund for classes not taken. 
Makeup classes are NOT available for online classes, only for in-person classes​



Benefits of the MakeSpace program:

Participants develop the following skillset that will serve them for life:

  • Critical thinking & creative problem-solving.
  • Collaboration & communication.
  • Perseverance, to get the job done.
  • Mistakes are viewed as a source of information.

Inspired by:

The High -Low Tech Group in the Media Lab at MIT
The Tinkering Studio in the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA

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