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Summer​ No registration fee. Summer is flexible. Either choose individual classes centered around your summer schedule or pay for a package of classes. Please reserve in advance.

Each class: $36.50.

No Material Fee


Benefits of the MakeSpace program:

Participants develop the following skillset that will serve them for life:

  • Critical thinking & creative problem-solving.
  • Collaboration & communication.
  • Perseverance, to get the job done.
  • Mistakes are viewed as a source of information.

Inspired by:

The High -Low Tech Group in the Media Lab at MIT
The Tinkering Studio in the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA

Art + Design + Fabrication: making things that work!

Are your children ready?

Creativity & Innovation are two of the most important skills to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our MakeSpace program stimulates the development of these skills through the design and making of objects that work.

In this process knowledge related to mechanics, aerodynamics, electricity and other simple technologies are acquired.

Visit us to see what it's all about! Kids & their families WELCOME!


Classes are offered once a week for 1.5 hours.  Participants need to be 8 or older.

The participants are guided by an experienced teacher. Creative problem solving is encouraged, providing just-in-time knowledge for the participants to learn what they need to build and create different projects that work. Collaboration in group projects is also key to stimulate innovation.

Some of the areas explored include:

Aerodynamics, Electricity, Mechanics, Wind Power, Chain Reactions, Sustainability, Use of Light, Bio creations and more.

All materials are included with a materials fee. This fee may vary from one session to another.

School Year​:  ​ ​A monthly commitment of one weekly class is required. An average month has 4 classes, but some will have 5 or 3 depending on the calendar and/or holidays.

1.5 hour Class: The price for an average 4 class month is $146.00. The cost of months with more or fewer classes will be prorated (please inquire with administration).

Material fee :

1.5 Hour Class: $57 for the whole school year. 

* As a courtesy to our students and their families, students have access to only one monthly make up upon schedule with the office *