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Have you heard about Magnet schools & Charter Art Schools?



Portfolio PREPARATION for Schools

Using our 12 years of experience preparing kids, we coach your child in creating a unique and original portfolio and prepare him or her in audition and interview techniques. Former students in DASH and New World share their experiences and give additional tips. Additional coaching via email and text is available 5 days a week. Call or email to schedule a 1.5 hour class diagnostic interview to apply ($36.50).

  • Miami Arts Studio
  • Michael Krop
  • MAC
  • BridgePrep Academy of Arts and Mind
  • South Miami Middle Community School
  • South Miami K8 Center 
  • Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts

Our Classes

Acceptance for 2018

Have you heard about Art Magnet Schools? These are middle and high public schools consistently ranked in the top 100 public schools in the country. They have high academic standards and outstanding Art Programs. Some of the schools where our students have been admitted:‚Äč

  • DASH
  • New World School of the Arts
  • Coral Reef
  • South Miami Middle
  • Southwood Middle
  • Doral Academy

NOTE: It is highly recommended to start SOON, BEFORE the Summer of your last middle school year for High School applicants or elementary year for Middle School applicants. Application process opens in October and Auditions are held during January  and February. Contact us for more information about the Application Process.

$73 a week*

* Includes 2.5-hour class and virtual Coaching and in-studio consultations and reviews. Studio Hours are also available*

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