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Art Challenge Recycle

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Nature Art

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Big & Messy Art

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Art and Storytelling

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Art From Many Places

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Summer Camp Doral

Full Day Summer Camp

9:30am-4:30pm (Visual and Musical Arts Combined!)

For the Full Day Camp, The Art Shack will offer its award winning visual arts program in partnership with 305 Music Lab.  In addition to our creative fun program, campers who opt for the full day option will have the opportunity to explore all sorts of varied musical activities, from performing, playing musical instruments, dancing, acting, participating in a choreography or a musical band, to recording in a state of the art recording studio. This Music Academy is 2 doors away from our studio. Each child will be escorted from one studio to the other.  

​​​​**No registration fee! All materials included!**

Pre-care and Aftercare available

$150 (art) + $114 (music): $264  per week, per child if 2 or more siblings sign up 

$155 (art) + $120 (music): $275  per child, per week if one signs up 

Summer Camp Doral

Magical Times: 6/12-6/16

where we explore the world of castles, magic, kings, queens and knights in shiny armor

Art Challenge Recycle: 6/19-6/23

Each activity challenges camper to create works of art repurposing materials and objects, saving our earth one artwork at a time.

Nature Art: 6/26-6/30

from creating our own pigments from fruits and minerals to making amazing art installations with natural objects, our campers connect with the spirit of nature and look away from their screens to see the world around them.

Big + Messy Art: 7/3-7/7 (No camp on 7/4)

campers create large art, use expressive techniques and build putting together the energy of many.

Art & Storytelling: 7/10-7/14

where campers explore the ways humanity has of telling stories, from puppets to felt stories in boxes, campers create stories and illustrate them with all sorts of materials and props.

Toys: 7/17-7/21

getting back to the basics of play, campers create their own toys and games, no screens allowed!

Art from many places: 7/24-7/28

we explore a foreign culture or more than one and recreate their art and objects in our own way, making them ours.

Stop Motion Animation: 7/31-8/4

learn the stop motion technique used by famous animator around the world and create a story from storyboarding to characters, scenery, shooting, sound and more! visit The Art Shack Miami on YouTube to see some examples from other summers.

Art and Science: 8/7-8/11

exploring the intersection of art and science, we crate from robots that draw to concoctions and mixtures with chemical reactions that are beautiful art media.

Not so real art: ​8/14-8/18

we explore the world of dreams and imagination making artwork that mixes subject matters and characters to create humorous, unexpected projects. The creative techniques are pulled from the world of surrealism.

Summer Camp Doral

Creativity summer camp (Doral)

Children from Ages 5 to 12 Welcome!

  • Choose the week you would like, they all have different activities that our campers love. ​
  • We create and learn about different fun themes, and are always ready to explore new materials. 
  • Our camp is highly personalized, with a coordinator every 5 campers. We know your child is a unique human being who will work at his/her own pace and have his/her own ideas! 
  • With a maximum of 16 campers, our groups are just the right size to create an exceptional experience.

Half day Summer Camp

Morning: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (snack included)

Afternoon: 1:30 to 4:30 pm (snack included)

$150 per week, per child if 2 or more siblings sign up

$155 per child, per week if one signs up

​**No registration fee! All materials included!**

Early drop off (8:30 am or 12:30 pm) 

Late pick up (1:30 pm or 5.30 pm) 

Each $25 weekly or $10 a day.


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