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Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Miami

SUMMER​ No registration fee. Summer is flexible. Either choose individual classes centered around your summer schedule or pay for a package of classes. Please reserve in advance.

Each 1.5 hour class in-person: $36.

Each 1.5 hour class online: $25

No Material Fee is required for students working with any media other than ceramic clay. Students doing sculpture or pottery with ceramic clay will be required to pay a fee that will cover clay, glazes, tools, hollowing, bisque firing, and glaze firing. Fees vary depending on the size and complexity of the work and will be calculated upon completion. The fee will be due before the work can be taken home. 

SCHOOL YEAR ​ ​A monthly commitment of one weekly class is required. An average month has 4 classes, but some will have 5 or 3 depending on the calendar and/or holidays. The price for an average 4 class month is $146.00. The cost of months with more or less classes will be prorated (please inquire with administration).

Material fee is required for students working with sculpture or pottery materials in the studio: $100 for the whole school year. 

Students working with other materials in drawing, painting, cartooning, mixed media, and so on will need their own materials as recommended by each teacher in the team. 

* As a courtesy to our students and their families, students have access to only one monthly make up upon schedule with the office *



Pre teens and Teens of similar ages create, motivated by open or semi open ended activities. Every child is different so every work is unique. A Studio setting where each teen decides with the teacher what type of disciplines to explore.  Inspiring teens to try new things. Projects are chosen that are meaningful to the student and at the right technical level. All sorts of materials are used for sculpture, painting, ceramics, mixed media, drawing, installations, group and individual works. One teacher every 5 students. Creative happy children make for creative and successful adults! 

  • Our classes are 1.5 hours long to stimulate the creative process. 

teen Creative Studio