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• The Art Shack nurtures creativity by empowering individuals of all ages to be inquisitive, curious, and independent thinkers.

• We foster an inclusive community that collaborates guided by profound mutual respect.

• Ours is a safe, nurturing space where a compassionate staff supports the process of free exploration and innovation through creative problem solving and constructive critique.

• Our members are happy, confident individuals who develop their unique voices and ideas through limitless self-expression and creations.

Mini Winter Camp from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm:

  • $240 for 1 child per session
  • $465 for 2 siblings when both sign up to the same minicamp session.
  • Pre Care: $20 per child per session
  • After Care $35 per child per session.

Camp Hours: 9 am - 3:00 pm

Pre Care & After Care: 8 am starts Pre-care / 5pm end of After Care

2 Sessions ! Choose one or both!


(sibling Discount available)

Best Winter Camp

Ages 5 to 12 Welcome!

 2021 Winter Break Mini Day Camps​

  • Fun and Community: hands-on learning, project-based activities, with enough space to let everyone have their own ideas, and learn new skills and collaboration. 
  • We encourage trial and error, to build resilience and perseverance. Exploration and Discovery!
  • Kids will experiment with different materials and ways to create.
  • Stimulating Creative thinking and problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and empathy. 
  • Our camp is highly personalized. We know your child is a unique human being who will work at his/her own pace and have his/her own ideas! 
  • All skill levels and capabilities are welcome. 

Winter Break CampS

Winter Break Camp -



DATES: December 20 to 23 & 27 to 30, 2021

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